~M. Lourdes Benet~
Yoga to me is a way of living,  a continuous awareness of my surroundings and the possibility of transformation. Yoga is my anchor for optimal health. The ailments and injuries of  my early youth have now been healed through Yoga. In the breath, my mental health is enhanced and my spirit is uplifted as I marvel at the amazing vessel that is our body. 
To me, yoga is a treasure worth holding on to.~


I entered the world of fitness 27 years ago when I obtained my certification from the United States Water Fitness Association. I taught a Deep Water Aerobics Class for almost 9 years. Along the way, I continued studying anatomy, kinesiology, and abdominal training (among other subjects) from renowned fitness organizations. I also obtained certification by Bodyworks to teach Centergy, (a blend of Pilates and Yoga put to music).  I have been teaching and learning Yoga for the last 16 years. The path is endless and the ways to practice numerous.  My devotion to this way of life is solid and joyful!!
My training continued through over a  year and a half of courses of Iyengar Yoga at The Seattle Center of  Yoga.

I fell in love with this modality because of its detailed, precise instruction, the use of props for safety and optimal alignment, and its effective methodology.  Every teacher also has to be a student and I have a Guruji (teacher) at Yoga Northwest in Bellingham where I have been an apprentice for the last four years. I also take classes and courses and workshops to continue my training.

I got invited to teach at Yoga Northwest where I also teach from time to time.


The Seattle Center of Yoga Preliminar Course in Iyengar Techniques and

RYT 200

Registered Yoga Teacher

Ongoing Apprenticeship at Yoga Northwest with Master Teacher Ingela Abbot.

Yoga Alliance Member


"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your class, I think you are an amazing teacher. I didn't realize how out of shape I was, and I can already feel the difference in my body and mind from being in your class. I am so much more aware of how I am sitting in my van (I spend most of the day driving) and my balance is improving (still have a long way to go)."

Linda Bower

"I am very thankful to have found your class! It has helped me in more ways than you know. I never heard of Ahims

a, but it has been my philosophy of not harming animals or others, and now I realize that includes myself as well, it is much harder to be kind to me than someone else, but I am learning."


Thank you so much.

Sue Lofgren

"The Ahimsa Yoga classes have made such a positive difference in my overall health - improving strength, flexibility, and balance. Additionally, it quiets the mind and helps me focus.  Attending class is a weekly highlight for me.
Thank you for all that you do"

Pam Magnuson


"Yoga is a Great way to help heal after a large operation. It helped me with maintaining (or achieving) physical, mental, and spiritual practices that I use to help in maintaining good health practices" Thanks,

Lynne Almvig

I have truly enjoyed our friendship and yoga journey.  If memory serves me, I first started evening yoga classes with you at Riverside in 2008! From that beginning I have learned so much from you about yoga and my body definitely appreciates all the benefits yoga provides.  Sincere thanks!  

Julie Urban


Continuing Education

I attended my first workshop with World Renown Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher,  John Shumaker.

He had a concise, clear way of teaching. His instructing was brief, with clean demonstrations and modifications for people's different conditions and aiments which reiterated the importance of safety and alignment. In one word, pure finesse. 

I attended a workshop with Julie Gudmestad. Columnist for Yoga Journal Magazine, Physical Therapist and Iyengar Yoga Instructor. Amazing woman. Her knowledge on Anatomy and Kinesiology was evident and the experiential component of her instruction made it very effective. I am thankful for the opportunity to have learned so much from someone like her.

I attended a fascinating Workshop with Roger!


Mr. Cole is a PHD from Stanford University with a specialty in circadian rhythms and the science of sleep. As an Iyengar Yoga teacher, he has studied the profound connection that exists between asana and pranayama in the big picture of well being!  We worked on restorative poses and their tremendous effect in the chemistry of relaxation in the body (as preparation to sleep). Forward and back bends in safety and precision with an emphasis on a satisfying breath throughout the practice; a gentle component rather than a forceful one. And last but not least, an analysis of the data on sleep plus practical common sensical recommendations for the achievement of. The breath of his knowledge was evident but through his succinct explanations, he made it interesting and accessible and the on-going applied practice made it experiential for us. I felt real grateful for the opportunity and the precious information! 

I recently took a 3 day weekend workshop with a most qualified, creative and playful Carrie Owerko. A mobility specialist, a dancer and communicator and an Iyengar Yoga Teacher!
Her teachings were generous and innovating!
I am thrilled to now be sharing those pearls of wisdom in our practice at Ahimsa.
Basic mobility with intelligence has its foundation in a deep understanding on how our bodies work best.
See you in class!!


 I just took a Zoom Teacher's Training Class by the renown John Shumaker. It covered structuring and sequencing the classes. Talked about The reasons behind putting together a certain curriculum for the entire year and did some amazing demos.


Via Zoom, I've been able to take another workshop from a World known Teacher called Yogi Zani. He taught us about "Lilas or practicing playful Yoga! We learned about the joy of movement in Yoga with some fluid sequences and some amazing demos.


I've been really lucky to be able to practice and learn from Fernando Aguinaco, a Certified Iyengar very well schooled teacher who spent a lot of time in India training with The Iyengar family and other teachers.

His instruction is succinct and his classes are super dynamic and interesting.

The way he uses all the props to propel the body into opening safely for the end poses is amazing.

His poise and knowledge of the Yoga philosophy, heart warming.