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I have been sought out to teach at United General Hospital. Their Wellness Program has been really successful  They started offering it to the community and since, it has grown tremendously! I got invited to join Lynn Mcnett to be one of their teachers and offer 6 different levels by next year. http://unitedgeneral.org (to sign up)

Our Beginners- INTRO TO YOGA, Level I, Gentle-NOW GENTLE I and Level I-II_NOW LEVEL II will be taught at their facility there. Go to: https://fitness.unitedgeneral.org/yoga/

Ahimsa is:
non-injury, safety, respect, compassion, non-violence

What others have to say...


"Thinking about the highlights from the year...our yoga retreat was a high point for me.  I love this group of women - these pictures make me smile!  With gratitude,      Kelly Joy"


"Shortly after the home practice workshop I committed to a daily 10-15 minute morning practice. It was a challenge to carve out this time given I already have a packed morning schedule, but it was worth it. The daily yoga practice brought me a sense of calmness during my work day and beyond. I feel more organized in general when I'm practicing yoga, (I now make the bed each morning after my practice!). The poses I do in my practice are not planned. I ask my body what it needs at the moment and then somehow the poses just “flow.” Sometimes I only sit. Thank you Lourdes, for a simple yet powerful home practice workshop."   Linda Ch.


"I look forward to every Friday.  I couldn't think of a better way to finish out my busy hectic week.  It balances me like nothing else can."


"My low back pain has so much improved!  Thank you Lourdes!"

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